Newest Publication and Data set

With the most recent publication from the MAC Lab, we wanted to quickly post access to the data from the article. Below are a link to a pdf of the publication and an Open Science Framework link containing the data and tasks used in the experiment.

Brewer, G. A., Lau, K. K. H, Winger, K. M., Ball, B. H., & Blais, C. (2017) Examining depletion theories under conditions of within-task transfer. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 146(7), 988-1008.

Open Science Framework

One thought on “Newest Publication and Data set

  1. Dear Dr Brewer and Dept

    I am an artist currently studying my PhD in the faculty of Art & Humanities at Coventry University, UK.

    I have an interest in memory from a personal view as I have post Stroke Thalamic pain syndrome which affects my own, but also from an artistic performance, how tacit and bodily memory seems to be as I understand it, repetitive or routine behavior.
    Can you recommend a paper or even better a book publication that succinctly explains prospective and retrospective memory?
    I caught your testimony on a trial and my ears stood up as it seemed that cues you mentioned applies to the process of drawing and making artwork, which I’m not sure has been explored to any extent in Practice Led arts research. I can’t really use just the notes I took from that but when I went on Amazon I couldn’t find what I hoped would give me the fundamentals of what I would like to know.



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