This page is constantly being updated, such that as we complete projects our data will be posted online for others to download and use.

As you scroll through the page you will see citations. The citations operate differently than they do on the publication page. When you click a citation you will be linked to our dropbox or Open Science Framework. Each citation will link to the materials and data from that specific experiment.

Brewer, G. A., Lau, K. K. H, Winger, K. M., Ball, B. H., & Blais, C. (2017) Examining depletion theories under conditions of within-task transfer. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 146(7), 988-1008.

Ball, B. H., Klein, K. N., & Brewer, G. A. (2014). Processing Fluency Mediates the Influence of Perceptual Information on Monitoring Learning of Educationally Relevant Materials. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied. Advance online publication. [LINK BEING UPDATED]


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