Graduate Students

Blake Elliott








My interests include memory and decision making. Specifically, my research focuses on how we prioritize to-be remembered information, and how individuals may differ in this process.

Derek Ellis







My general interests include working memory, problem solving, and creativity. Specifically, I am interested in individual differences in problem solving and what mechanisms and cognitive abilities are being engaged when individuals engage in semantic search and retrieval of problem solutions from memory.

Derek’s Research Gate & Google Scholar.


Kimberly Wingert, Ph.D

Kimberly Wingert, B. A.

Graduated 2018. Kim is currently completing a post-doc at University of Southern California.

Margarida Pitaes, M.S.

Margarida Pitaes, M.S.

Dongchen Xu, Ph.D.


Graduated 2017. Dongchen currently works for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in China.

Hunter Ball, Ph.D

Hunter Ball, M.S. B. A. University of Georgia M. S. University of Georgia

Graduated 2015. Assistant Professor at University of Texas at Arlington.

Hunter’s Research Gate  & Google Scholar.

Aikaterini Stefanidi, M.A.







Graduated 2015. Won Olympic Gold at the 2016 Rio Olympics in Pole Vaulting.

Katerina’s Twitter.


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