Graduate Students

Blake Elliott

Blake Elliott rs

Margarida Pitaes, M.S.

Margarida Pitaes, M.S.

My topics of interest include the study of prospective memory using an individual differences approach. Also, I am interested in the cognitive and neural mechanisms of face perception.

Kimberly Wingert, M.A.

Kimberly Wingert, B. A.

My interests include the fields of psychophysiology, the cognitive neuroscience of human memory, working memory, emotion regulation, and how variables such as a proclivity to mind wander or experimentally manipulated verbal protocols affect performance on various cognitive tasks.


Dongchen Xu, Ph.D.


Graduated 2017

Hunter Ball, Ph.D

Hunter Ball, M.S. B. A. University of Georgia M. S. University of Georgia

Graduated 2015, Hunter’s Research Gate  & Google

Aikaterini Stefanidi, M.A.

Aikaterini Stefanidi, B.A.

Graduated 2015 & 2016 Rio Olympics Gold Medalist in Pole Vaulting


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