Acute Pain and Sustained Attention at APA

Dr. Gene Brewer recently attended the American Psychological Association (APA) Convention in Chicago. While at the conference he presented research from Memory & Attention Control Laboratory investigating the affect of acute pain on attention. For those who missed the talk or were unable to attend the conference, here is a copy of the talk.

Thank you to the APA for giving us an opportunity to discuss our research, and thank you as well to those who were in attendance.

Psychonomics 2018: New Orleans, LA

Another annual Psychonomics Society meeting has come and gone. This years event took place in New Orleans, Lousiana from November 15-18th. Blake Elliott presented a poster about value directed encoding and retrieval. His poster was nominated for and won APA Division 3’s Poster Contest. Post-doc Matthew Robison and graduate student Derek Ellis both presented posters. Lab alum, and graduate students, Peter Whitehead (Duke) and Anne Vogel (University of Mississippi) shared posters as well. Lastly, Hunter Ball (University of Texas: Arlington) helped close out Psychonomics with by giving a talk about his recent work on prospective memory.

Blake E Psychonomics 2018 Poster

Derek E Psychonomics 2018 Poster

Matthew R Psychonomics 2018 Poster

Anne V Psychonomics 2018 Poster

Peter W Psychonomics 2018 Poster

Hunter B Psychonomics 2018 Talk

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Summer Happenings

As the Summer semester draws to a close, we wanted to take a moment to highlight our intern Rohan Tripathi. Rohan, a local high school student, spent the summer working with us on a variety of projects and presented findings at the Banner Sun Research Institute Intern poster session.

To read his full story follow this link.






Rohan Tripathi (left), Gene Brewer (middle), & Derek Ellis (right)

Night of the Open Door

This video is a bit late to the party, but after much trial and error we have a product we would like to distribute.

Once a year Arizona State University hosts Night of the Open Door. This event is setup as a public outreach event that allows people to tour the campus and see the various projects that researchers, students, and staff are working on.

This is our second time participating in the event and we wanted to come up with a way to teach people about memory research. After some brain storming we thought a fun way to do so would be to show off virtual reality based research and do a real-time graphing demonstration.

The video will explain some of the details of the event and the task used. It will also explain how we created the graphs and captured the video. Ultimately, this video may be updated over time but we wanted to share it with everyone before the opportunity passed.

A big thanks to our RAs Thomas Poniatowski, Shuangting Li, Jen Jondac, Wen Yu, Nowed Patwary, and Alex Pruneda. A special thanks to Kimberly Wingert for organizing setup and breakdown. A big tip of the hat to Derek Ellis for his technical support and work on the video. Lastly, a thanks to ASU for hosting the event and allowing us to take part.

Posters Galore

The annual Psychonomic’s Society meeting was held in Chicago a few weeks ago and we wanted to present everyone with access to our posters. The posters encompass several different projects that the lab has been working on.

Kimberly M. Wingert, B. Hunter Ball, Chris Blais, & Gene A. Brewer
Negative Arousing Images Impair Working Memory Encoding

Chris Blais, Peter S. Whitehead, & Gene A. Brewer
Is Cognitive Control Unreliable? When Means are not Enough

Derek Ellis, Chris Blais, & Gene A. Brewer (not shown at Psychonomics)
Video Games and Working Memory