Psychonomics 2018: New Orleans, LA

Another annual Psychonomics Society meeting has come and gone. This years event took place in New Orleans, Lousiana from November 15-18th. Blake Elliott presented a poster about value directed encoding and retrieval. His poster was nominated for and won APA Division 3’s Poster Contest. Post-doc Matthew Robison and graduate student Derek Ellis both presented posters. Lab alum, and graduate students, Peter Whitehead (Duke) and Anne Vogel (University of Mississippi) shared posters as well. Lastly, Hunter Ball (University of Texas: Arlington) helped close out Psychonomics with by giving a talk about his recent work on prospective memory.

Blake E Psychonomics 2018 Poster

Derek E Psychonomics 2018 Poster

Matthew R Psychonomics 2018 Poster

Anne V Psychonomics 2018 Poster

Peter W Psychonomics 2018 Poster

Hunter B Psychonomics 2018 Talk

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